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Wisconsin Division C Events

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National Science Olympiad Rules Clarifications
(WSO will follow these rules Clarifications, WSO specific events will have any Rules Clarifications posted on this page.)

National Science Olympiad FAQs

Schedule of Events for State Tournament

2015-2016 Division C Events listed by Category - *WSO Specific Event






Anatomy and Physiology

Cell Biology

Disease Detectives

Invasive Species
List for WI

Green Generation

Microbe Mission*


Dynamic Planet



Geo-Logic Mapping

Chemistry Lab

Wind Power

Food Science*


It's About Time

Protein Modeling

Air Trajectory

Bridge Building
2016 Clinic Overview

Robot Arm

Mystery Design*

Electric Vehicle

Wright Stuff

Game On

Code Busters*

Experimental Design


Write It Do It

The  Div C State Tournament in Wisconsin offers 28 events. These include 23 of the NSO events plus 5 additional events. However, a Team may only enter only 23 of these events for Team score; Team score determines a State Champion. Additional events beyond the 23 may be audited for no team score.

Important............ Each Team must balance their chosen 23 events from the 5 Science Standard categories. Each Team will choose 4 or 5 events from each category to reach a total of 23 events. This event format has several advantages. It enables a wider variety of events to be offered in hopes of catching the interest of more students. It gives the coaches a better chance of matching their individual strengths and talents with those events. It helps to assure that one or two Teams will not dominate all events. It encourages Teams to become more diversified in their preparations. It opens the possibility for Teams to audit events and therefore involve more students. And, certainly, it definitely adds a tremendous amount of coaching strategy. By requiring Teams to balance their choices within the categories they will more adequately satisfy the National Science Standards.

Wisconsin Science Olympiad Div C State Competition does have a system where events beyond the chosen 23 can be audited. The Audit Events do permit additional students beyond the 15 to participate ( including seniors ) and compete at the State Competition. Auditing an event gives a Team a chance to not only involve more students, it gives them a chance to gain knowledge about the 5 events they have not chosen for Team score. This experience is invaluable as the Teams prepare to advance to National Tournament.

Trial Events to be offered at the State Div C Tournament (click event for rules)

To be announced

These events will be open to many students from many teams.  Check at Avogadro for available time-slots.

State Tournament Exams/Info 2013

Fermi Questions
Mystery Engineering Photos of Devices

*Wisconsin specific Events beyond the 23 National Events-click to download the event rules. These rules are now being developed during the Fall of 2013

Rules for the 23 NSO events are found in the Official Rules Manual available only through joining Science Olympiad, Wisconsin Event rules will be linked from this page when available.

Clicking on "more info" leads to specific information shared by Wisconsin Science Olympiad State Event Supervisors.



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